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  Strength:Outstanding impact resistance. 30+ times greater than acrylic (a similar thermoplastic widely used in lesser face shields).

LEXAN Plastic

  Visibility:Superior scratch resistance, alcohol resistant and anti-fog. Highly resistant to alcohol(sanitizers), acids and petrol, will not fade. No distortion or glare of viewing area. Ships with protective film that is to be removed prior to use. 

What is LEXAN :  A Modern Marvel Thermoplastic 

  Heat Resistant:Temperatures up to 200deg Fahrenheit, and has very low flammability. 

  Flexibility:Handles extreme deformation without cracking or shattering, wth superior impact resistance compared to acrylic.

LEXAN - Personal Face Shield and Easy-Fit Hard Hat Shields

Lexan is a solid substance polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. Revered for its Strength, Flexibility and Visibility. Lexan is used as hockey helmet visors and within bullet resistant glass. The remarkable features and unique chemical makeup make Lexan a modern marvel.